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Did You Know ?

  • About Modernizing Biocompatibility and Biological Risk Evaluation of Medical Device Materials (November 2016)

  • About Regulatory Science Priorities For Assuring Safety, Effectiveness, Performance and Quality of Medical Devices (September 2016)

  • About Implants As The Fastest Growing Application For Medical Plastics (July 2016)

  • About Best Practices to Ensure Good Supplier Management (May 2016)

  • About Effect of Medical Device Quality Performance on Business Performance (March 2016)

  • About Failure of Endotracheal Tubes (November 2015)

  • About Hospital Errors on Medical Tubing Killing Patients (September 2015)

  • Balancing Product Development Effectiveness with Regulatory Compliance (July 2015)

  • About Welding of Thin Polymeric Films For Medical Applications (May 2015)

  • About Challenges Of Using Combination Products (March 2015)

  • About Trends In Medical Device Adverse Events (January 2015)

  • About Polymers to Restore The Sound of Music? (September 2014)

  • About Determining Breathable Area Of Sterilisation Package?  (July 2014)

  • About When to Consider Outsourcing Medical Device Manufacturing to a Contract Manufacturer? (May 2014)

  • About What Global Medtech Manufacturers Need To Copy From India and China (March 2014)

  • About PVC : The Environmental Perspective for Health Products (January 2014)

  • About Conductive Plastic Which May Preserve Eyesight...!! (September 2013)

  • About Establishing A Healthcare Plastics Recycling Program (July 2013)

  • About Packaging Failures: The Largest Source of Sterility Recalls (May 2013)

  • How Easily Bacteria Clog the Medical Devices…!! (March 2013)

  • About India’s Success In Developing Its Own Health Related Technologies (January 2013)

  • About Health Technology Assessment (HTA) (September 2012)

  • About High Impact Frugal Innovations In India (July 2012)

  • About Medical Devices : Managing The Mismatch (May 2012)

  • About Risk Management For Medical Devices (November 2011)

  • About Ultrasonic Welding For Assemblying Of Medical Components (September 2011)

  • About Sterilization of Plastics (July 2011)

  • About Sterilization Packaging Manufacturers Council (May 2011)

  • About Healthcare Plastics Recycling (March 2011)

  • About UHMwPE Fibres (January 2011)

  • PU Dressings Help Wounds To Heal (November 2010)

  • About Complications Associated With Urological Devices (September 2010)

  • About Catheter Introducers – A Potentially Life Threatening Episode (July 2010)

  • About Human Factors Leading to Medical Device Adverse Events (May 2010)

  • About Using Steam For Sterilization (March 2010)

  • About Engineered Medical Coatings Advancing The Performance Of Medical Devices (January 2010)

  • About Luer Taper Fitting As Connectors In The Medical Industry (September 2009)

  • About Packaging Combination Products (Medical Devices) (July 2009)

  • About Problems With Transvaginal Surgical Mesh (May 2009)

  • About Shared responsibility for medical device safety and performance (March 2009)

  • About Pediatric Medical Device Institute (January 2009)

  • About "Catheters"...... (September 2008)

  • About The Economics of Prefilled Syringes (July 2008)

  • Heparin in Medical Devices Linked to 11 U.S. Deaths (May 2008)

  • About Self-Expanding Plastic Stents Used In The Treatment Of Benign Esophageal Conditions (March 2008)

  • About Medical Device Innovation (January 2008)

  • Replacement Cornea Makes Clear Difference (November 2007)

  • About Preventing Dangerous Hemodialysis Catheter Disconnections (May 2007)

  • About First Medical Device Derived from New Class of Biopolymers: Absorbable Suture Product (March 2007)

  • About The WHO Report On Medical Devices And Equipment (January 2007)

  • About Coronary Drug-Eluting Stents (November 2006)

  • About Particulate Matter in Blood Bags (September 2006)

  • About Medical Device Coatings (July 2006)

  • About A Combination Product (May 2006)

  • About Endoscope Reprocessing Challenges (March 2006)

  • About Remote monitors for medical devices (March 2006)

  • About Silicon Sensors for use in Catheters (January 2006)

  • About Safeguarding Cardiac Guide Wires To Avoid Breakage (November 2005)

  • About Phakic Intraocular Lenses (Sept. 2005)

  • About Humanitarian Use Medical Devices (HUDs) (July 2005)

  • About How Different Sterilisation Methods Were Developed? (May 2005)

  • About Safe Injection And Safety Practices (March 2005)

  • About Complications Related to the Use of Bone Cement (January 2005)

  • About FDA Regulations Regarding Medical Devices (Nov. 2004)

  • About Temporary Artificial Heart (Sept. 2004)

  • About Failure of the Tracheostomy Tube (July 2004)

  • About Prevention of Catheter-related Infections (May 2004)

  • About Potential Cross-Contamination Linked to Haemodialysis Treatment (March 2004)

  • About Coatings For Blood-Contacting Devices (January 2004)

  • About The Importance of Keeping Premixed IV Bags Covered in their Plastic Overwraps (November 2003)

  • About Complications Related to the Use of Vascular Hemostasis Devices (September 2003)

  • About the Centre for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) (July 2003)

  • About Filters in Intravenous Filter Sets (May 2003)

  • About Hypotension and Bedside Leukocyte Reduction Filters (March 2003)

Learning Zone

  • Material Of Dissolvable Sutures Can Treat Brain Infections (September 2013)

  • Additional Methods For Dye Penetration Test For Porous Medical Packaging (May 2013)

  • The Bandage - Reinvented for the 21st Century (March 2013)

  • Colostomy & Colostomy Bags (May 2012)

  • Chest Drainage (November 2011)

  • Plastic Sleeves That Cures Diabetes (September 2011)

  • Synthetic Windpipe (July 2011)

  • First Biodegradable Antimicrobial Polymer Nanoparticles (May 2011)

  • Double J Stent (March 2011)

  • About UHMwPE Fibers (January 2011)

  • Learning Zone (Basic-Discoveries-Innovations) (November 2010)

Medical Elastomers & Latex

  • Why TPES (Thermoplastic Elastomers) can replace Thermoset rubbers in medical applications? (May 2006)

  • Guidelines for Selection of Thermoplastic Elastomers for Medical Products (March 2006)

  • Guidelines for Selection of Thermoplastic Elastomers for Medical Products (January 2006)

  • General Medical Requirements For Thermoplastics Elastomers (January 2006)

  • Glove Manufacturing (November 2005)

  • Glove Manufacturing (September 2005)

  • Storage of Medical Latex Gloves (July 2005)

Face To Face

  • Interaction with Mr Amrit Patel, President of Gujarat State Plastic Manufacturers Assn. (July 2004)

  • Interaction with Mr K J Park, the Managing Director of Sangam Health Care Products Ltd (SHCPL ) . The Company is the Market leader in Indian for Medical Disposables like Intravenous Infusion ( I.V. ) Sets, Needles etc. (May 2004)



  • Quality Management System: Changing Scenario & Challenges In Medical Device Regulations (September 2016)

  • Significance Of 13485 Certification In Product Certification (CE Marking) (May 2011)

  • Packaging Used To Pack Medical Devices (May 2011)

  • CE Marking and MDD 2007/47/EC Amendment (March 2011)

  • Toxicity / Biocompatibility Evaluation Of Materials (July 2010)

  • Quality Assurance Concept in Medical Devices (March 2009)

  • Safety Assessment of Medical Devices and GLP Complaint Studies (March 2009)

  • Leur Connectors for Medical Applications: Standards, Problems and Important Issues (January 2007)

  • Medical Device Complaint Handling Practices (January 2006)

  • The European Authorized Representative for CE Certified Medical Devices Manufacturers (July 2004)

  • The European Authorized Representative for CE Certified Medical Devices Manufacturers (May 2004)

  • Medical Device Packaging requirements for Quality Certification of Medical Devices (November 2003)

  • CE Marking : An Important Milestone for Indian Medical Device Industries (July 2003)

  • Evaluation of Medical Devices (May 2003)


  • Diversifying Into Medical Device Molding (November 2016)

  • How To Meet Biocompatibility Needs Of Polymeric Medical Components (September 2016)

  • Supply Chain Management–Boon Or Bane For The Medical Device Industry (July 2016)

  • Make In India : From Slogan To Policy Implementation (September 2015)

  • National Medical Device Authority (NMDA) (May 2015)

  • Hexamoll Dinch - A Non Phthalate Plasticizer for Medical Devices (September 2013)

  • Polycarbonate and Copolyester Resins for Medical Components (September 2013)

  • PET has Advantages for Medical Packaging (September 2013)

  • “Involving the Future of Healthcare in India through Medical Device Manufacturing” (November 2012)

  • The opportunities with innovative parts design and mold technologies (September 2009)

  • Needle Bonding with Epoxy Adhesives (January 2009)

  • Plasticizers for Medical Devices (September 2008)

  • Bonding Medical Devices (July 2008)

  • Safety Aspects of Medical Devices (March 2007)

  • Classification of Medical Devices (November 2006)

  • Medical Device Manufacturing : Definition of Medical Device (September 2006)

  • Medical Device Manufacturing : Understanding Important Issues (July 2006)

  • Engineering Adhesives For The assembly Of Medical Devices (July 2005)

  • Validation of Sterilization Process (May 2005)


  • Thermoplastic Polyurethanes: Enabling Innovative Competitive Technologies Through Advanced Materials (March 2016)

  • Hexamoll Dinch - A Non Phthalate Plasticizer for Medical Devices (September 2013)

  • Polycarbonate and Copolyester Resins for Medical Components (September 2013)

  • PET has Advantages for Medical Packaging (September 2013)

  • Silicon in Perfection - Moulding and Application (January 2012)

  • Biodegradable Thermoplastic Elastomers (Btpe) In Critical Clinical Practice (January 2011)

  • Effect Of Degradation Products From Biodegradable Polymers Used As Implant Material In Bio-System (March 2010)

  • Present Trends and Future Prospects of Plastics in Medical Applications (Nov. 2004)

  • Present Trends and Future Prospects of Plastics in Medical Applications (Sept. 2004)

  • The Use of PVC for Critical Medical Applications (July 2001)

  • PVC In Medical Device Application (March 1994)


  • INDIA ’S First Medical Technology Zone – AMTZ (September 2016)
  • Innovative Computer-Aided Catheter Reprocessing System (CRS) for Cleaning Catheters Developed By Chandigarh Biomedical Engineer (May 2016)
  • India’s New IPR Policy Looking To Spur Innovation In Med-Tech Sector (May 2016)
  • Cold Plasma Treatment For Biomedical Applications (July 2015)
  • Plasma Treatment Improve Adhesion To Polymers (July 2015)
  • Innovative Antimicrobials Growing Potential for Medical Market (March 2012)
  • Designing Medical Devices for Global Health Both “Difficult” and “Thrilling” (March 2012)
  • All Electric Plastic Injection Moulding Machine For Medical Application (September 2011)
  • Silicone Solutions for Lubrication in Medical Applications (July 2011)
  • Injection moulding: A vital high technology – innovation driver in medical technology (May 2010)
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