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Medical Devices and Diagnostics Manufacturing

Medical Devices And Diagnostics Manufacturing Industry is a major force in the global economy. Internationally as well as in India , the sector is R & D intensive and the success of the companies at a world level has been driven by innovation and technology improvement.

The abstracts of a survey on Technical Support Infrastructure needs for the medical devices and diagnostics firms in one of the countries in Europe given below can be a very useful guideline for the medical devices manufacturing industry in general particularly since there are many similarities in the process and operations employed.

The findings of this report are as report :

  • Outsourcing is widely practiced in the sector.

  • Outsourcing is going to increase.

  • Technical partnerships have generally been successful.

  • The ability to deliver new products to the market is seen as a key factor in a successful relationship.

Some of the important relevant aspects highlighted in the report are given below :



The sector survey sought to identify relationships with outside providers under the headings:

  • Outsourced Activities relating to outsourcing of day to day activities -                                                          relating to outsourcing of day to day activities

  • Technical Partnerships -  relating to working with third parties with specific expertise

  • Academic Relationships - referring to links to third level institutions.

The data elicited from the survey have identified a wide range of activities and services that are outsourced by the sector at this time, and also those areas where outsourcing is intended for the future as can be seen from the following table-1.

Factors in choosing a partner

Technical ability and in-house expertise are the leading factors in choosing a partner.

Factors in choosing a partner (Table-2)


Top to bottom:  

Technical Ability, Recognised in-house expertise, Honesty & Integrity, Track Record of R&D, Ability to Innovate, R&D Facilities, Reputation in the Market, Knowledge of end-user mkt., Success of Clinical Trial


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