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Medical Technology Industry Global Growth Opportunity

Medical Devices Industry has been growing globally. However, there are many regions and clusters promoting the growth of this industry. Some such regions in countries like Italy, U.K., Israel, Scotland, Belgium and Taiwan are introduced in this article. Each region also has institutions and associations responsible for the growth of Medical Device Industry, the information about which is also given in this article.


Emilia – Romagna : Excellence for SMEs

One of the 20 Italian regions, Emilia-Romagna, situated in the central-northern part of Italy, in the heart of the most industrialized area of the country. The small and medium size enterprises are the driving force behind the regional economy, and they have boosted an extra ordinary diffusion of wealth throughout the territory. The oranization like Sprint Emilia-Romagna and CONSOBIOMED working for this region, has lead its growth globally.

Emilia –Romagna is situated in the central northern part of Italy, in the heart of the most industrialized area of the country. The efficient network of infrastructures and the strategic geographical position make Emilia-Romagna an important commercial node linked to all the Italian cities and the main European cities. The small and medium size enterprises (SME) are the driving force of the economy and have given rise to an extra ordinary diffusion of the wealth over the whole of the regional territory.Knowledge, research and innovation are key factors for the economic and productive development of the region.

The Biomedical Industry

It is field of activity destine to acquire increasingly greater importance. The construction of orthopaedic and prosthesis in the Bologna area and the biomedical district in the province of Modena are good examples: the centre developed in the Mirandola district has, in fact, about 70 companies with 3600 workers, developing sales of more than 500 million Euro, with an export quota of over 60%. The really strong point of the system is a network of University hospitals. In fact, the region has the most model transplant centres in Italy: over 10% of Italian liver transplants are carried out in Bologna and Modena. In 2004, with 43 operations (more than 12% of the national total), the heart transplant centre in the capital of Emilia-Romagna is the second of Italy. The pharmaceutical sector is also strong, with giants of the calibre of Alfa Wassermann that have been operating in the territory for decades.

Sprint Emilia-Romagna

This is the name given to the region department for the Internationalization of companies, sponsored by the Emilia-Romagna region , by the ministry of productive activities, by ICE (the Foreign Trade Institute), by SIMEST (Italian Society for Companies Abroad) and by SACE (Foreign Trade Insurance Services), whose purpose is to provide a valid operational instrument in support of small and medium sized enterprises that wish to enter Foreign Markets. More information is available on the website: http://www.sprint-er.it . The contacts detail : Sprint Emilia-Romagna, Viale Aldo Moro 44, 40127 Bologna - Italy(email:www.info@sprint-er.it), Phone No.:0039-051-6396200, Fax : 0039-051-6396512

Mirandola Medical District, Italy

Mirandola is an industrial and agricultural town 30 kilometers north from Modena. Since 1964, in Mirandola a thriving biomedical industrial district has been developing. At first its industries specialized in the production of plastic disposables products for hemodialysis, plasmapheresis, transfusion and infusion therapies; afterwards, in the design and production of the machines used for the above mentioned technologies.

The Modenese have called this district “The Plastic Valley” making a comparison, may be a little bit hazardous, with the Californian “Silicon Valley”. Different multinational and groups, the Didco, Bellco, Sorin, Gambro, Tyco Mallinckrodt, Fresenius, B.Braul and others, attracted by the outstanding technological background that the district offered, have installed or brought companies in this area contributing to the development on this industrial field. During the last decades, the largest industrial groups grew, but there has also been large diffusion of this specific kind of production which has brought to the birth and their development of many small biomedical companies.


Consobiomed is a consortium founded at the end of 1990 which gathers a lot of these companies. It has been developed to promote the implementation of all quality standards and European rules (e.g.MDD 93/42/EEC) in all associated firms. It also offers support and coordination activities for the associates to strengthen their market exchanges.More information is available on its website: www.consobimed.it (Email:- info@consobimed.it)

Services on export offered by CONSOBIOMED are like national & international trade shows, promotion and organization of visits/meetings for foreign guests to Italy, management of relationships with official entities, consultancy ,training courses and assists in validation, re-validation , and routine controls relevant to clean room, laminar flow hood and sterisation processes.

Companies currently associated to Consobiomed , together can supply services and develop a wide range of medical devices and accessories such as:

  1. Production and development of disposable medical devices (Anesthesia, Cardiosurgery, Gynaecology, Hemodialysis, Hemofiltration, Infusion, Medication Kit, Transfusion, Radiology, Urology, Mesotherapy, Sutures for cardiovascular surgeries, Irrigation sets, Generic & Dressing kits, Polysulfone hemofilters).

  2. Assembly of medical products in ISO 7 or ISO 8 class clean rooms

  3. Paper and plastic film pouches & blisters packaging

  4. ETO & Beta ray sterilization

  5. Custom made moulds

  6. Moulded components and tubings

  7. Equipment for medical products assembly and testing

  8. Equipment of cardio surgery and intensive care

  9. Machines for urodynamics, cavernosometry, gastrointestinal motility, vestibology and rhinomanometry.

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