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Conference on Indian medical Devices & Plastic Disposables Industry 2008

Inaugural Address by Shri Jaynarayan Vyas,
Hon. Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Gujarat.

Abstracts of Inaugural Address By Mr Jay Narayan Vyas, Hon.Minister Of Health and Family Welfare, Gujarat State. In the talk addressed to Indian Medical Device Industry , Hon. Minister covered various important issues including Growing Indian Economy , Changing Pace Of Medical Technology , Pioneering Role Of Gujarat For the medical Device Industry , Role Of Regulatory Authorities , Role Of Medical Device Industry , Export Markets as well as Need For Continuing Knowledge Sharing Through Such Platforms

While louding the Growing Indian Economy , Shri Jay Narayan Vyas said that :

“We are a growing nation.. Economically we are 10th largest economy in the world. The fact of life is, we have single largest free market in world & an economy which is a growing urban economy. If I go by planning commission deputy chairman’s statement , he says that in coming 11th 5 year plan, we will double the outlay on the healthcare."

“What does it mean? It means you are going to have increased spending as far as the government patronization to the healthcare is concerned. And if you take that multiplier effect of 5, I always take it in very conservative side normally it should have 1:10, because the private healthcare is much more larger.

“I think the greatest beneficiaries of economic growth should be a person who is there on the ground, who is travelling, who is part of his country & who is not going to go away from this , the day adversities arise & whose stake is there as far as this country is concerned. I think we must approach this problem with a human face with practicality & with an understanding that you are going to face increasingly a market which is going to be more expanding, urbanized & per capita spending on healthcare is going to increase.

About Changing Pace Of Medical Technology

He cited few advances which are being made.

“In the Blood Sugar level control through a kind of intelligence system fitted, if your blood sugar level rises, automatically signal is sent out to nearest control base station & your insulin pump is activated to bring down your blood sugar level to desired level/parameters”.

“If your cardiogram undergoes a change, immediately , the nearest control station is activated & the doctor knows that there is an emergency as far as the patient is concerned.”

“So this are the kind of uses which are now already invoked & in the coming years, new materials are going to be increasingly used as far as the human organs & as far as the aged population & their treatment is also concerned.”

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