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Non-woven Medical Disposable Products and its Disposal Techniques


Satya Prakash Singh
Sr. Manager
Reliance Industries Ltd.

  • Introduction

- Hygiene a necessity
- Non-woven a wonder material
- Global scenario
- Indian scenario

  • Why Non-woven ?

- Advantages
- Applications existing and potential

  • Disposal Techniques
  • Value Proposition & Supply Chain
  • Summing Up



Introduction to Non-wovens

Need for Hygiene

India South Africa Israel Hungary
Malaysia Jordan Turkey Cuba
Thailand Lithuania Costa Rica  

Countries Promoting Medical Tourism


use of non-wovens makes visitors feel at home


Protection from diseases

  • India The second largest populated country with increased incidence of diseases (AIDS, TB, etc.)

  • Non-woven usage protect the spread of these diseases




use of non-wovens - a step towards improved protection


Increasing medical attention

  • India - Raise in senior citizen population (> 65 years) by ~15 % every 5 years

  • Hence need for increased medical attention

Source : Based on P.N. Mari Bhat, "Indian Demographic Scenarion 2025", Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi, Discussion Paper No. 27/2001
(51 to 58 millions by 2010)



Non-wovens a wonder material

  • Non-woven is a fabric obtained without weaving

  • Made from either synthetic or natural fibers

  • Polypropylene is the material of choice which is

    - Chemically inert
    - Light weight
    - Food grade and FDA approved
    - Sterilizeable
    - Microwavable


versatile fabric engineered for specific needs

  • Designed to meet the specific application requirements

  • soft hand feel

  • Breathability

  • Sterility

  • Fabric lightness

  • Absorbance or liquid repellency

  • Pliability


Internationally acclaimed

Global scenario

  • Non-woven medical disposables account for 80% of the items used in USA

  • It varies in Europe between 40-60%

  • The penetration in China has crossed 40%

  • USA consumes 2.75 billion sq mtr of Non-woven


What about India?

Who advocates ?

WHO advocates use of

  • Single piece personal protective equipments such as Gowns, Masks & Gloves to help prevent spread of infection


only non-woven can meet the requirements

Indian scenario

  • The usage of Non-woven is less than 1% of USA consumption

  • Growing consumer awareness and stringent standards shall increase the consumption of Non-wovens







India getting ready for the non-woven ride

Government of India recommendations

11th Five Year Plan recommends use of Non-woven in Govt. Hospitals considering

  • Ease of use and hygiene

  • Cost effectiveness by eliminating laundering

  • Reduces the incidence of infection at post operative stage


wide spread usage envisaged including at Govt. Hospitals


Why Non-wovens ?

Advantages of Non-wovens

  • Hygiene Bacteria, Fungus, Virus resistant

  • Protection Can be made blood repellent / stain repellent, various coatings can be given to make it bacterial resistant

  • Light weight less than half the weight of cotton

  • Comfort soft feel

  • Convenience easy to wear

  • Can be sterilized with Steam, Ethylene Oxide, Plasma etc.






comfort, convenience, cost & hygiene are blended perfectly


  • Used only once on single patient free from hassles of cleaning, gives fresh new look

  • Avoids need for handling & consequential potential of spreading contaminants

  • Eliminates (v/s Linen) Collection, Sorting, Washing, Inspection, Inventory, Accounting

  • Non absorbent does not absorb water


considerable man power, water and other resources savings


China SARS syndrome
  • SARS faced by China in 2003

  • 5327 people affected and 349 death notified

  • Non-woven masks helped to contain the spread





30 billion non-woven masks used in just 9 months by the Chinese

Applications of Non-wovens

  • Patient Preoperative measures - Ward

  • During operation - Theatre

  • Post operative measures - Ward


broad usage of non-wovens in hospitals



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