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Lokesh Upadhye
Deputy General Manager – ATG - Sales
Branson Ultrasonics

Medical Device Manufacturing : Process & Techniques

Ultrasonic Welding of Filter Elements in Drip Chamber of IV Sets


Medical device manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to bring quality products to market faster than competition. This requires compressing the development cycle and choosing appropriate assembly processes & creating a feasible part / joint design to optimizing process & operating procedures.

Branson has the apt solutions to meets these challenges through many proven technologies useful to medical device manufacturing segment. The range of offerings include-

Ultrasonic Vibration
Hot-plate Spin
IR Laser

One of the most common and proven application is welding of filter inside IV fluid chamber

A) Filter with drip chamber :

An IV Set is the total assembled unit including reservoir, spike, drip chamber, plastic tube, roller clamp, injection site, etc.

Rigid Plastic Housing called Drip Chamber Material - PVC/PP/PE
Filtering Element Material - PA (Nylon)



Ultrasonic welding utilizes an acoustic tool called horn to transfer vibratory energy directly to the work-piece. The energy is transmitted to the joint area, where it is converted into heat through molecular and physical friction that melts the plastic. Ultrasonic is the ideal process for assembly of all types of medical products. These include filters, needle, catheters, fluid transfer devices, analytical devices, surgical devices, etc.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Process over heat & adhesive methods:

Ultrasonic is fast

  • Welding usually takes place in less than a second.

It is clean

  • Since no additional materials are required, the risk of contamination is eliminated.

Ultrasonic eliminates cost of consumables

  • No need to buy expensive adhesives

Extremely reliable

  • Once set, the process can be completely relied upon

Produces repeatable, error free results

  • Quality windows can be set to separate out reject or suspect parts that can be produced due to variation in prior process

Adaptable to automation

  • Machines can be integrated with conveyor or rotary table for enhanced productivity

Adaptable to clean room environment and sanitization

  • The mechanical parts of the machine that come in contact with the work-piece can be kept in clean room and sanitized.

Ultrasonic Welding System
  • Amplitude profiling®

  • Touch screen HMI

  • Network ready

  • Remote control through PC

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