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November- December 2015

Cover Story

  • Global Medical Disposables Industry Scenario and the Role of Plastics

  • Most Widely Used Medical Disposable Products

Global Trends

  • The Eleven Most Implanted Medical Devices In America

  • Fecal Incontinence Device

Book Review

  • Medical Devices: Regulations, Standards and Practices

  • UHMWPE Biomaterials Handbook

  • The Medical Device R&D Handbook

  • The Effect of Sterilization on Plastics and Elastomers

  • Advanced Polymers in Medicine

Did You Know

  • About Failure of Endotracheal Tubes

September-October 2015

Cover Story

  • Medical Tubing And Extrusion Technology

  • Tubes and Catheters Sizing

  • Medical Tubing : Materials and Applications

  • MPDS Supplier Bulletin : Medical Tubing And Extrusion Technology


  • Make In India : From Slogan To Policy Implementation

Global Trends

  • Safety Considerations Related To Misconnections Between Medical Devices

  • Modern Medical Tubing for Medical Device Downgauging

Product Gallery

  • New Winged Female Luer Lock To Barb Connectors

  • Breakable Male Luer Lock Connector

Did You Know

  • About Hospital Errors on Medical Tubing Killing Patients

July-August 2015

Cover Story

  • Indian Medical Device Industry : Government Initiatives For Regulations, Safety & Competitiveness

    • Department Of Pharmaceutical To Study Factors Affecting Competitiveness Of Indian Medical Devices In Domestic Market

    • Government to Soon Remove Duty Anomalies in Medical Devices Sector

    • Ministry Of Health Launches Materiovigilance Programme To Monitor Safety Of Medical Devices Technology

    • AdvaMed Demands Passage Of D&C Amendment Bill To Delineate Medical Devices From Drugs

  • Cold Plasma Treatment For Biomedical Applications

  • Plasma Treatment Improve Adhesion To Polymers

Global Trends

  • Impact Of New European Regulations On Outsourcing Of Medical Devices

Did You Know

  • Balancing Product Development Effectiveness with Regulatory Compliance

May-June 2015

Cover Story

  • Medical Device Manufacturing : Components Bonding and Joining Techniques

Mfg. Policy

  • National Medical Device Authority (NMDA)- Recommended By Task Force To Strengthen “Make In India” Drive

Global Trends
  • Medical Disposables Market Worth $245 Billion By 2018

Product Gallery

  • New Kynar Connectors

Did You Know

  • About Welding of Thin Polymeric Films For Medical Applications

March- April 2015

Cover Story

  • Promotion Of Domestic Production Of High End Medical Devices

  • The Medical Devices Sector In India : Task Force Recommendations

  • “Medical Plastics Data Service” Thanks And Welcomes - Mr. C. Balagopal To The Editorial Advisory Board


  • Drug Device Combination Products : Market Review And Future Trends

Global Trends

  • Global Biomaterials Market For Implantable Devices Driven By Polymers

Did You Know

  • About Challenges Of Using Combination Products

January- February 2015

Cover Story

  • Manufacturing Medical Devices In India : Many Opportunities
    - Mr. Himanshu Baid, Managing Director, Poly Medicure Ltd.

  • How Do We Balance Between Compliance, Quality And Innovation?
    - Mr. C. Padmakumar, Chairman & Managing Director, Terumo Penpol Limited

Global Trends

  • Understanding Barriers to Medical Device Quality

  • China : Medical Technology Potentials Are Enormous

Product Gallery

  • New Sanitary Flanges With Barbs

Did You Know

  • About Trends In Medical Device Adverse Events

November -December 2014

Cover Story

  • 12th National Conference & Exhibition on “Indian Medical Devices & Plastics Disposables/ Implants Industry 2015” Technology

  • Exhibitors Offering Material, Display Exhibition Adhesives, New Technologies, Manufacturing/Testing Equipments.

  • Packaging/Sterilization Equipments And Services For Medical Devices, Implants & Diagnostics Industry.

  • Presentations

  • Speakers’ Profiles

  • Exhibitors’ Profile

  • Advertisers Profile....etc.

Book Review

  • Regulatory Affairs for Biomaterials and Medical Devices

  • Polymeric Biomaterials : 2 Volume Set

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