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Challenges Of Selecting Right Supplier For Medical Polymers


Which material supplier? Medical Device manufacturers face this challenge on ongoing basis.


Considerations are many….. Proven history of providing quality, medical-grade polymers that has acceptable lead times, great on-time delivery performance, competitive prices, flexible interested in a true win-win partnership etc.


Establishing “partnerships” with suppliers is found to be beneficial - Suppliers who can support Device Manufacturer through such partnership. The benefits are increase in manufacturer’s efficiency in terms of time, cost and quality.


Medical Polymers have to face many adverse environment of temperature, pressure, movements, sterilization processes, assembly processes including adhesives on and above the obvious requirements of safety, quality and suitability for the respective application.


Selecting suppliers is an integral part of Medical Device Manufacturer’s commitment to offering highest performing product to their customers. It is important to see that the selected suppliers are aligned with their quality, technology and business goals. While it may not be possible to select the most appropriate material supplier on the planet, some of the important criteria are...

1. Commitment to quality 5. Flexibility and Special Services
2. Product and Market Knowledge 6. Technology And Innovation
3. Financial Stability 7. Value
4. Communication 8. Corporate Responsibility



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