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As we have been maintaining and emphasizing all the time, a strong supply chain for the Medical Polymers and related products and components is essential to support and facilitate Indian Medical Device Industry in order to accelerate the “Make-In-India” process. However, the Industry faces challenges of selecting right supplier for Medical Polymers. Selecting suppliers is an integral part of Medical Device Manufacturers’ commitment to offering highest performing products to their customers. This important aspect is addressed in this issue both by highlighting some important criteria for the selection process as well as introducing two important material providers with their respective characteristics and applications...

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Cover Story

Challenges Of Selecting Right Supplier For Medical Polymers
Selecting suppliers is an in tegral part of Medical Device Manufacturer’s commitment to offering highest performing product to their customers. Some of the important criteria are...

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New Innovations - Expanding horizons for Thermoplastic Elastomers in Medical Applications
Mr. Molay Das, Manager, Market Development, Kuraray India Pvt. Ltd. , Within the medical industry, demand is rising for safe and halogen-free polymers used in manufacturing medical products. Many polymer companies are feeling the...

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Emerging Market of Platinum Cured Silicone Products in Medical Industries
Mr. Vinay Pandey, (B- Tech Rubber Technologist), Ami Polymer Pvt. Ltd. Silicones have been playing vital role as a part of product design in medical industries for more than 75 years. They don’t react with Body Organs and finds most suitable for implant devices...

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Technology Snippets

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Global Trends

Medical Packaging - Global Market Scenario


Mercy P. Bulsari (Polymer Technologist), Healthcare packaging is essential for protecting the medicines and medical equipment from contamination from air, moisture and dust. The key drivers for the growth are...

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Industry News

  • Now, MRP must on medical devices
  • Health ministry issues draft guidance document on “Essential principles for safety and performance of medical devices”
  • Covestro results buoyed by high PU, polycarbonates demand
  • Health ministry releases draft list of devices & in vitro diagnostics along with risk-based classifications
  • India’s 1st medical tech institute, Kalam Institute of Health Technology at AMTZ gets 100% financial support from DBT

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Product Gallery

Dip-Molded Plastisol Y Connectors


Qosina stocks a variety of Y connectors manufactured from plastisol, also known as liquid polyvinyl chloride (PVC),a material used to make flexible components. These connectors are produced through a dip molding process rather than traditional injection molding. Plastisol provides exceptional flexibility, is Class VI approved and BPA- and latexfree. Dip molding is an ideal method for molding connectors as the dipping dies are cost-effective, allowing for production to be easily scaled...

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Did You Know?

About The “Medical Grade “ Polymer Dilemma
In order to be used in medical devices, polymers must fulfill demanding standards. For plastics manufacturers this means a great deal of investment for products with restricted market potential. The product and performance characteristics for “medical grade” polymers are...

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