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Special Focus Theme Pavilion on “Medical & Healthcare Plastics” in the “Pastindia 2018” Show.

Polymers and Plastics play important and critical role for enhancing human life. This is through extremely valuable contribution as an important material for Medical Disposables, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostic Products etc.

I am pleased to inform our readers that, “MEDICAL PLASTICS DATA SERVICE “ is associated with conceptualizing and managing a Special Focus “MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE PLASTICS KNOWLEDGE PAVILION" of about 100 sq.m. area at the forthcoming “PLASTINDIA 2018” event to be held between Feb. 7-12, 2018, in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Mr. D.L. Pandya


This Medical & Healthcare Plastics Knowledge Pavilion will include Informative Posters, Audio-Visuals, Models, Samples, Publications etc highlighting...


• Why Plastics For Healthcare ?
• Major Segments Of Plastics in Medical Field i.e. Healthcare, Medicare & Hygiene
• Medical Applications & Important Developments
• Product Gallery in which will display samples of various Medical Polymers and their respective application products.
• Global Trends, Emerging Opportunities with Facts & Figures
• Supplier Opportunities


The objective is to help existing and potential manufacturers and investors to diversify and / or branch out into medical plastic and Disposables products. Such platforms contribute significantly towards the growth of the Plastics in the Medical & Healthcare Sectors apart from creating positive awareness with the people at large.


We invite our readers and the Indian Medical Device Industry to visit and benefit from this Unique Opportunity.


As you are already aware, “Plastindia” is the most significant exhibition in the world organized by “Plastindia Foundation” and one of the largest Plastics Exhibition in the Asia Pacific Region. The coming event is expected to be located in 125,000 sq.m. area and will have 2000 Exhibitors including 600 overseas exhibitors. About 200,000 visitors are expected to visit.


This special issue being brought out for the event gives a very good overview on the “MEDICAL PLASTICS” sector with focus on Indian Medical Disposables and Implants Industry alongwith our regular features including Markets, Global Trends, Industry News, Forthcoming Events, Product Gallery, Did You Know etc.

D.L. Pandya

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