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Medical Device Manufacturing in India - A Sunrise Industry


Srinivas R. Pilli
Sr. Technical Officer
Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ)

Medical Device Market

Medical Device Market Size – Global

• The global medical device market was estimated at USD 228 bn in 2015 (INR 14.82 lakh crores).
• Industry estimates suggest that the global medical device market will grow at a CAGR of 7.8% from 2010 to 2020.
• The market is expected to reach USD 332 bn (INR 21.58 lakh crores) by 2020.

Figure 1 : Global Medical Device Market Size

Global Medical Devices Market

.• The global medical device market is categorized mainly into seven segments as listed below. The major equipments included under each of these segments have been detailed in Table.1. High Potential Segments in India.
• Diagnostic imaging
• Orthopedic and prosthetic devices
• Patient aids
• Consumables
• Dental products
• IV diagnostics
• Others
• Diagnostics imaging is the largest segment constituting 26% of the medical device market, with an annual sales estimate of USD 60 bn (INR 3.85 lakh crores) in 2015.

Table 1: Share of Medical Device Segments Globally

Medical Device Segment USD bn (2015) INR crs (2015)
Diagnostics imaging 59.28 3,85,320
IV diagnostics 54.5 3,54,250
Orthopedic and prosthetic devices 29.64 1,92,660
Consumables 34.2 2,22,300
Patient aids 22.8 1,48,200
Others 13.9 90,350
Dental products 13.68 88,920

Segment Wise Medical Device Sale Globally (2015)

Figure 2 : Segment-wise sale globally

Srinivasa R Pilli, holds his Masters in Biomedical Imaging from the University of Dundee, a collaboration between Institute of Medical Science and Technology (IMSaT) and Ninewells Hospitals UK; PG Diploma in Clinical Research for Medical Devices, Tenet Health Edutech Pvt. Ltd. He is also holds Bachelors and Diploma in Biomedical Engineering from JNT University and SGPR Govt Poly College.

He is currently working as a Senior Technical Officer at Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ), Visakhapatnam, which is Asia’s first Integrated Medical Devices Manufacturing Park and it’s a “One stop solution” for Medical Device Manufacturers & Innovators. He has more than 9 years of experience in the field of Medical Devices industry.

Mr Srinivasa is also an associate member of Institution of Engineers (AMIE), Biomedical Engineering Society of India (BMESI), International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT), Asia-Pacific Chemical, Biological& Environmental Engineering Society (APCBEES) and a Life member of Indian Science Congress and Voice of Healthcare (VOH).

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