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Cover Story

Excessive MRPís Stiffling Indiaís Mfg Growth

Rajiv Nath,
Forum Coordinator,
Association of Indian Medical
Device Industry (AiMeD)

  • Excessive Competition

  • Import duties down

  • Ex-Fcy Prices Down

  • MRP up

  • High MRP as a selling tool - huge disparity

  • Artificial Inflation

  • Consumer No choice

  • Skewed Market place

  • Unethical Collusion

  • Lack of Trust in Medical Profession

Why Indian Medical Devices With Lower Ex-Fcy Prices Are Not Competitive ?


- Tax Based Disincentive

- 1% GST Cess on MRP

- Discourage Artificial Inflation


RATIONALIZE TRADE MARKUPs Over 1st POINT OF SALE & The MRP (When GST Applied 1st Time When Overseas or Indian Manufactured Goods Enter Supply Chain)



Whatís Difference between Trade Mark Up & Margin ?


Mark Up: is % Profit over buying value

(MRP - Ex-Factory Sale Value) X 100

Ex-Factory Sale Value

Margin: is % Profit on Selling Price

(MRP-Ex-Factory Sale Value) X 100


Capping Markup between Ex fcy / Landed & MRP

List Of Notified Medical Devices

No. Name of Device Transaction <100 1000-1.00 Lac 1.00 Lac Plus
1 Disposable Hypodermic Syringes B2C X4 - -
2 Disposable Hypodermic Needles B2C X4 - -
3 Disposable Perfusion sets B2C X4 - -
4 IV Cannula B2C X4 - -
5 Scalp Vein Set B2C X4 - -
6 Intra Ocular Lenses B2C X4 X3 -
7 Surgical Dessing B2C X4 X3 -
8 Umbilical Tapes / Ligatures / Sutures and Staplers B2B2C X4 X3 -
9 Catheters B2C X4 X3 -
10 Internal Prosthetic Replacements B2C - X3 X2
11 Orthopaedic Implants B2C X6 X4 X2
12 Bone Cement B2C X6 X4 X2
13 Heart Valves B2C - X3 X2
14 Blood / Blood Components B2B X4 - -
15 Blood Grouping Sera B2B X4(?) - -
16 In Vitro Diagnostic Devices for HIV HBsAg and HCV B2B X4(?) - -
17 Cardiac Stents B2C - Capped -
18 Drug Eluting Stents B2C - Capped -
19 Intra Uterine Devices (Cu-T) B2C Capped - -
20 Condoms B2C Capped - -
21 Tubal Rings B2C ? ? ?
22 Ablation Devices ? ? ? ?

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