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Medical Device Parks In India

The Government of India has been supporting creation of Medical Device Parks in the states with an objective to develop worldclass standard testing and infrastructure facilities, build momentum for domestic production and deepen the value chain of Medical Devices in India. It is also expected to reduce the cost of manufacturing significantly leading to better accessibility and affordability of medical devices in the country. While the proposals of State Government of Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh have been given “in-principle” approval granting a total financial outlay of Rs. 400 crore, more number of states are implementing Medical Device Parks projects.

Mr. D.L. Pandya


Elaborating on “Catalytic Role Played By Medical Device Parks and Emerging Scenario In India”, Mr Rajiv Nath , Forum Coordinator, AiMeD, in his article says“ each Medical Devices Park will attract huge investments to the tune of Rs 10,000 to Rs 15000 crores and provide direct and indirect employment to about 20000 people.” Mr Rajiv Nath has opined that the parks should thrive and not just remain green parks for which he has given very good guidelines for agencies implementing the projects. He also mentions that Parks should complement and not compete with existing Units and that the States should have twin policy to strengthen both Parks and Clusters in the respective regions.


As rightly mentioned by Mr Amitabh Kant, Chief Executive Officer, Niti Ayog,” “Andhra Medical Device Technology Zone ( AMTZ ) in Visakhapatnam has become a flag bearer of Medical Technology Growth Story In India”. AMTZ with its Scientific Laboratory Ecosystem and Centers and Hubs like Kalam Institute Of Health Techology, ( KIHT ), Indian Biomedical Skill Consortium ( IBSC ), AIC-AMTZ Medi Valley Incubation Council, Bio-Valley Incubation Council and about 100 Medical Device Manufacturing Units is an outcome of patient and steadfast leadership of Dr Jitendar Sharma along with the AMTZ Team making AMTZ the first , largest and most successful Medical Technology Park in India. A large part of implementation for AMTZ was carried out during the Pandemic period and under lockdown conditions and also played crucial role in making India second largest PPE manufacturer in the world and also contributed by producing over a million diagnosis kits every day. The publication, “Make In LOCKDOWN” by Dr
Jitendar Sharma is a versatile account of India’s MedTech Growth and story of AMTZ from concept to spectacular success.


This issue also highlights important features of Medical Device Park Projects under implementation in various states along with the incentives provided by respective state governments.


3D printing has expanding at accelerating pace in a wide range of applications including craniofacial implants, dental molds, prosthetic parts, on-demand medical equipment, surgical models, scaffolds for tissue regeneration, organ printing, implantable biosensors, and tissue models for drug discovery. Critical issues related to 3D printing including Polymeric Biomaterials are explained in this issue.


Use of Stem Cells as is a promising and upcoming area os research. Dr A Ramkishan, Deputy Drug Controller ( India ), CDSCO has given a very detailed introduction to Regulatory Framework for Stem Cells and Cell Based Products in India. Also includes regular features like Industry & AiMeD news, “Did You Know”, Events.

D.L. Pandya

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