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Medical Polymer Tubing : Applications & Extrusion Technology Highlights


Critical Applications, Medical Tubing Configurations, Material & Process Requirements For High-Quality Extruded Tubing, About Catheter Tubing, Methods To Assess Tubing Quality, The Economics Of Extrusion


The medical tubing segment comprises the most dynamic area in the medical device landscape. The market for Plastic Medical Tubing is expecting significant growth due to changing global demographics and the growth of medical procedures such as minimally invasive surgeries.


As per a recent study by “MarketsAndMarekets”, the global medical tubing market size is projected to grow from USD 4.9 billion in 2021 to USD 7.9 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 10.0% between 2021 and 2026.


Primary drivers of the global market for medical tubing are the increasing demand for medical devices that incorporate tubing, the growing access to health care around the globe, which carries with it a market for medical devices and the tubing associated with those devices and minimally invasive surgeries.


A technical article on analysing use of various polymeric materials in one of our previous issues (MPDS - May-June 2018) by Mr Dan Lazas , Senior Director, Tekni-plex covered critical applications like Blood Management, Therapeutic Delivery, Cardiac Intervention etc.


For the benefit of the Medical Plastics Processing Industry, we give below highlights for some of the important facts related to Medical Tubing & Extrusion Process.


Critical Applications


Applications that rely heavily on medical tubings / extrusion technology include the following:


• Neurovascular (e.g., treatment of stroke).
• Cardiovascular (e.g., angioplasty, stenting, cardiac ablation, and mitral valve repair).
• Peripheral interventions (e.g., stent grafts, venous therapy).
• Endoscopic and renal denervation applications
• Implants (e.g, inferior vena cava filter, and prosthetics valves).


Medical Tubing Configurations


Medical Tubes are categorized mainly by following types according to Different Configurations:


a. According to the structure : Single-Lumen, Double-Lumen, Multi-Lumen, Two-Row, Multi-Row etc.
b. According to the performance : High-Pressure Tube, UV Protection Tube, Flame Retardant Tube Antimicrobial Tube, Gamma Ray Protection Tube.
c. According to the usage : High-Transparent Tube, Tube With Color Line (One Or Multi-Lines), Radiopaque Tube (One Of Multi-Lines Or Whole), Micro-Flow Tube, Intravascular Tube, Balloon Tube, High-Pressure Tube.


Material & Process Requirements For High-Quality Extruded Tubing


A good understanding of polymer science and the behavior of polymer materials is extremely important for achieving highquality extruded tubing. Polymer material suitable for medical tubing should have: Inertness to body tissues and fluids, Flexibility, Resistance to sterilization conditions, Low extraction, Clarity and Low cost for high volume applications.



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