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Polymeric Medical Tubing and Extrusion Technology contribute significantly to the healthcare industry by reducing reducing procedure and hospitalization times, and patients trauma, while improving outcomes. This is possible because of advancements offered by medical tube manufacturers by way of more properties, more material options as well as more precise process control which in turn results in improved medical device designs. A good understanding of polymer science and behavior of polymer materials is very important in order to get high quality medical tubing.

The Cover Story of this issue focuses on, “Medical Plastics Tubing: Applications, Quality & Extrusion Process Challenges”.

The market for medical tubing is expected to grow significantly with the growth of medical device sector. Most of the medical device sub-sectors rely heavily particularly critical care devices including Cardiovascular, Neurovascular, and Endoscopic, Renal Care etc devices as well as many of the implants. On and above tubing categorized on usage, they also differ according to the structure as well as according to the performance. The cover story highlights a very details account of how important the plastic tubing are for the modern healthcare technology including the commonly used polymeric materials.

Mr. D.L. Pandya


Medical Tube Extrusion : Managing the Challenges


The cover story discusses the major challenges faced during the extrusion process resulting in quality problems and rejections including Melt Fractures, Pressure Control, Gels and other downstream problems. Each one of the problem and their possible solutions are discussed.


Micro Extrusion Technology for Minimally-Invasive Surgery


Micro extrusion is allowing Medical Device manufacturers to provide products that otherwise would be difficult to manufacture or be expensive. This issue gives details of the various performance advantages of the Micro Extrusion Technology. The extensive applications including implantable devices and devices used for minimally-invasive procedures are given.


Innovations and Technologies In Medical Tubing Manufacturing


The “Did You Know” column highlights various ground-breaking ways of producing tubing in order to optimize the performance and usability of medical devices.


To elaborate on the importance of medical plastic tubing, this issue also covers other important aspects like “Precision Extrusion For Thin-walled Catheter Manufacturing, Co-Extrusion for Drug Delivery etc.


This issue introduces one more interesting column, “Fast Facts” which will briefly throw light on some essential issues related to Medical Polymers, their processing as well as applications in the healthcare sector.


A very informative article on , “Ethylene Vinyl Acetate ( EVA ) Polymers For Advancing Healthcare” by the company “Celanese” introduces the evolution of EVA – a highly versatile polymer and its usage in the healthcare applications.


As always, this issue highlights Industry & Associations News and activities, Global Trends, Global Markets, Did You Know, Events and more.

D.L. Pandya

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