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Polymeric Medical Tubing and Extrusion Technology contribute significantly to the healthcare industry by reducing reducing procedure and hospitalization times, and patients trauma, while improving outcomes. This is possible because of advancements offered by medical tube manufacturers by way of more properties, more material options as well as more precise process control which in turn results in improved medical device designs. A good understanding of polymer science and behavior of polymer materials is very important in order to get high quality medical tubing...

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Cover Story

Medical Plastics Tubing: Application, Quality & Extrusion Process Challenges
Medical Tubing and Extrusion Technology, Material, Process & Quality Requirements For High-Quality Extruded Tubing, Medical Tubing Configurations, Tubes and Catheters Sizing, Challenges Of Meeting Standards For Medical Tubing...

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Micro Extrusion Contribute To Improvements In Medical Device Production & Patient Satisfaction
The definition of what constitutes microextrusion. With minimally-invasive surgery becoming the wave of the future, microextrusion is allowing device manufacturers to provide products that otherwise would be difficult to achieve or expensive. Also Potential Applications...

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Cover Story : Fast Facts

Plastic Based Medical Disposables For Dialysis
The use of disposable dialysis devices, largely made from plastics, increases patient safety and, as a result, reduces any serious risks during the dialysis process...
The Real Economics Of Extrusion
Extrusion is usually a 24-hour continuous operation. If you don’t run around the clock you are idling equipment, paying for frequent starts and stops and, therefore, greatly increasing production costs. Except if the product is worth a lot, like multi-lumen medical catheters...

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Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Polymers For Advancing Healthcare
This article will examine the evolutionary role of EVA innovation in diverse applications ranging from its early use in parenteral applications for delivery of life-saving medications to cryogenic storage bags for stem cells used in the field of cell therapy...

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Global Trends
• Precision Extrusion For Thin-Walled Catheter Manufacturing
• Co-Extruded Tubing : An Important Component Of The Fluid Outlet In Drug Delivery
• Green Initiative: Project To Reduce Plastic Waste In Dialysis Units Proves Highly Successful


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Market Selection - Global Market

Marketing Strategies By The Indian Medical Devices Exporters : Continuation
Mr. Amit Dave, M. Pharm, MBA, Former CEO – Brazil Operations / Vice President Export - Zydus Cadila /Claris Lifesciences
Many of the medical devices are going to the hospital users and tender buyers. These two major segments are always least brand oriented segments, where brand value is working at its lowest. Distribution channels also affect pricing models...

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AiMeD & Regulatory Updates

  • Cabinet Approves The Policy For The Medical Devices Sector
  • AiMeD Lauds Cabinet Decision To Approve National Medical Devices Policy 2023
  • Health Ministry To Rope In State Governments To Establish Medical Devices Testing Laboratories
  • Parliamentary Panel Expresses Concern Over Under-Utilisation Of Funds For Medical Devices Parks
  • Dop Revises Guidelines For PLI Scheme For Medical Devices To Include Investment Into Clinical Trials In Eligibility Criteria

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Industry News

  • Challenges In Medical Device Industry: From PLI Schemes To Foreign Competition
  • NPPA fixes ceiling price of hormone releasing IUDs and IUDs containing copper
  • Appasamy owners look to sell controlling stake

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Did You Know?

Different processing options have led to ground-breaking ways of producing tubing in order to optimize the performance and usability of medical devices...

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In a Nutshell....

"The two areas that are changing...are information technology and medical technology.

Those are the things that the world will be very different 20 years from now that it is today."

- Bill Gates

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