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IMDI 2023 - The 21st National Seminar and Technology Exhibition.

The theme of the conference is,” Medical Devices (Plastic Disposables & Implants) Industry : Manufacturing, Quality & Regulatory – Challenges & Opportunities 2023”. This conference is organized along with Technology Show Exhibitions.

While the Medical Device Sector has been identified as focus for Government’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Make in India’ programs, through our activities, our objective is to promote domestic manufacturing of Medical Disposables and Implants sub-sectors of Indian Medical Device Industry since 2001.

Medical Device Sector is highly innovation and technology driven.

Mr. D.L. Pandya


As per Ms Karin Ezbiansky Pavese, vice president of Innovation & Sustainability at the New York Academy of Sciences,”… a system truly poised to innovate is one in which the barriers between organizations and individuals are broken down, where collaboration happens across disciplines and sectors, and where a diverse, democratized culture supports risk taking, tolerates failure, and celebrates success. The regions and institutions that embrace their importance can gain the competitive advantage.”


In line with this concept, this annual event is being organized consistently year after year since 2001 with close involvement and support of the Leading Industry Associations in Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Plastics sectors, Government including Regulatory Agencies, Research and Academic Institutes as well as large number of Raw Materials, Equipment and Expert Service Providers.


We are grateful to all the stakeholders for consistent enthusiastic support for without which we could not have continued for such a long time.


National Medical Devices Policy, 2023


This policy envisages to promote innovation and Research and Development (R & D), including for joint R & D projects involving academic institutions and industry under the ambit of Department’s proposed “National Policy on R & D and Innovation in the Pharma-MedTech Sector in India”.


We feel proud to say that Some of the objectives of this policy coincides with the objects of our activities as mentioned under:


• It also aims at establishing Centres of Excellence in academic and research institutions, innovation hubs, ‘plug and play’ infrastructures and support to start ups.

• The policy intends to support backward integration with manufacturers of medical device components and ancillary industry etc. in coordination with the state governments.

• It will support Phased manufacturing of critical components of medical devices by calibrated change of customs duties on spares and components to ensure continuous access and availability of medical devices without supply chain disruption will be facilitated in order to boost the domestic manufacturing.

• To remove the manufacturing bottlenecks, incentives will be provided to manufacturers of PCBs and plastic molds / enclosures for medical devices.

• Apart from encouraging students for innovation, the mission is also to create academia / industry interaction.


Apart from the highlights of the forthcoming conference, this issue includes all our regular features including technical articles from the experts, industry news , Global Trends, Compliance, Markets, Materials & more.

D.L. Pandya

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