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Press Release

The 2023 COMPAMED Innovation Forum: This is why high-tech sensor technology is crucial for health care!

The cost of health care is rising the world over, and in almost all OECD member states, it is rising even faster than their ability to keep up. Modern technologies can at least help to mitigate this development while ensuring at the same time that the quality of care does not suffer and that staff (see “lack of skilled workers”) is given a respite. This is especially true of sensors which play an increasingly important part in medical technology to make medical devices even more powerful and safe, and to simplify their operation. How to achieve this and how high-tech sensor technology can also contribute to innovative prevention and personalised treatment was discussed at the COMPAMED Innovation Forum 2023 on 12 June. This digital forum, organised by Messe Düsseldorf and the International Microtechnology Business Network IVAM, is held every year and, according to Dr  Thomas R. Dietrich, managing director of IVAM, its purpose is to be “a platform for research and entrepreneurship, to form partnerships and drive innovations forward”.

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