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Components,  Raw Materials, Packaging Materials & Consumables

Company : Basil Polymers

PVC Compounds...More

Company : Bhavya Polymers

Silicon rubber products manufactures: tubes, extruded section, sleevings, cords, strips, molded parts...More

Company : Beacon Plastics

Disposable Needle, Disposable Needle IV Set, Regulator IV Set, IV Set Chamber... More

Company : Covestro

High Performance Material Manufacturers, Component for Coating Adhesive & Elastomer for Healthcare Industry...More

Company : Excel Formulations

ETO gas / ETO gas mixtures...More

Company : I Kare Polyalloys

Soft Transparent PVC Compounds, General Compounds, various Rigid PVC Compounds, CPVC compound Etc...More

Company : Jain Rubbers Pvt. Ltd.

Rubber Products For Disposables And Rubber Stoppers For Pharmaceutical Packaging...More

Company : Kavya Packaging

Manufacturers of flexible packaging pouchs and rolls and aluminium foil for pharma industries...More

Company : KLJ Polymers and Chemicals Ltd.

Polymer compounds like PVC, XLPE, PP, TPR, TPE, EVA, EPR, ZHFR, Master Batches etc...More

Company : Lakshmi Designers

Medical disposable products and Infrastructure...More

Company : Polyzen Inc.

Critical Medical Components and Devices...More

Company : Pradeep Surgipack

Medical Grade Paper-Poly Pouches...More

Company : Pragati Plastics Pvt. Ltd.

PTFE, FEP Tubing; Gaskets for Disposble syringes in Butyl and silicone rubbers; S.S. Needles / Cannula...More

Company : PVC Coloring Compounding & Processing

Medical Grade PVC Compound, Extruded Medical Grade Tubings...More

Company : Qosina

Stock components such as lipid resistant stopcocks, luers, ports, caps, tuohy borst adapters, USP Class VI tubing, spikes, instrument and many more...More

Company : R R Patel Gases (P) Ltd.

Ethylene Oxide Mixture Gas For Sterilization...More

Company : RAUMEDIC

Medical Grade PVC Tubing, Silicon Tubing, noDOP Tubing, Connectors...More

Company : Sanidhya Enterprise

Injection Moulded Medical Components... More

Company : ScanTube

Fluoropolymer tubing for the medical device market with more than 30 years of experience...More

Company : Shin Yan Sheno Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.

Molds of Medical Parts and components...More

Company : Shriram Axiall Pvt. Ltd.

Plasticized & Unplasticized clear Extrusion, Soft & rigid clear Injection & Blow Moulding, Radiopaque Compound...More

Company : SMC Medical Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

SMC can design, develop prototypes, build tools, manufacture components, assemble and package your finished device while managing the entire supplychain along the way...More

Company : Sterimed Surgicals India Pvt. Ltd.

Steripore Non Woven Microporous tape, Cuff & Plain Endotracheal Tube, Customized Gynecological & Other Kits, Medical Disposables...More

Company : Styrolution ABS (INDIA)

Leading, global styrenics supplier with a focus on styrene monomer, polystyrene, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Standard and styrenic specialties...More

Company : Surgi Pack India Pvt. Ltd.

Medical products manufacturers for Surgical Peelable & Tearable Puches, Lids & Reels for sterilized Medical Disposables & Devices...More

Company : Welset Plast Extrusions Pvt. Ltd.

Medical Grade PVC Compounds...More