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Medical Polymers In India: Technological Developments And Growth Pattern

Better Availability, Compounding & Processing Facilities Contributes To Growth

Mr. Paresh Arvind Mehta
Welset Plast Extrusions Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai..

Mr. Paresh Arvind Mehta is a Director of Welset Plast Extrusions Pvt. Ltd. He graduated in Commerce from Mumbai University and then obtained a diploma in Plastics Technology.

He joined the business at an early age of 19 and has been instrumental in making “WELSET” as one of the leading compounding houses in India. He has contagious youthful vibrancy and has made WELSET responsible for consistently delivering quality product and services to customer’s satisfaction. Under him the company has made significant investments in R & D activities so as to substantiate the motto ‘Innovation In Compounding’.

Some of his Main Achievements:

• Set up world class fully automated state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for Medical Grade PVC Compounds.

• Helped Welset grow to India’s leading Compound house with an installed capacity of 50,000 MTA which includes PVC compounds, Master batches, Tubing’s & Sheets, PE and other polymer based Master batches.
• Engineered the launch of a number of specialized products like Phthalate free and Gamma Radiation PVC Compounds.
• Headed the R & D activities for the launch of metallic and other specialty color master batches. Gave export thrust to marketing.

The growth of consumption for medical polymers in India.

Growth of Medical Polymers in India is on the lines of what happened in developed world like US, Europe and Japan.

Conventional materials like glass, metal, rubber, etc. have been replaced over the years like it happened in many other applications.

In addition, higher life expectancy, growing population, better excess to medical care have all contributed to the growth of medical polymers. Better availability of polymers, development of compounding and processing facilities have also contributed to the growth.

It is expected that medical polymers will grow around 20% over next five years.

The specific product areas where polymers being supplied by the company have substituted conventional materials for medical applications.

Specific product areas where polymers being supplied by our company are given below:

Welset have substituted conventional materials for medical applications.

Our main polymers for these applications are PVC Compounds and semi-finished products like PVC Tubings and Sheets. The above range of our products cater to the following main applications:

  • Blood Bags

  • Blood Administration Systems

  • Sheetings

  • CAPD Kits For Dialysis

  • I V Sets

  • Scalp Vein Sets

  • Nose Mask

  • Catheter

Effect of Improving Regulations on the global medical device industry. The regulations and compliance criteria met by Polymers Supplied by The Company.

Welset is equipped with technologically most advanced facility to produce full range of PVC Compounds, niche Medical Grades, Master batches and semi-finished products like Tubings, Sheets, etc.

This facility has ISO – 9001:2008 Certification and clean room under class 100,000 environment.

Welset PVC Compounds for medical applications meet following important regulations and compliances:

  • FDA, European Pharmacopeia, US Pharmacopeia for physico-chemical properties and biological properties.

  • Phthalate – free compounds meeting EU directive 2005 / 84 / EC, EN 14372, ASTM D3421& CSPC-CH – 1001.09.2.

  • Radio opaque compounds – meeting USP class VI & ISO 10993 diagnostic purposes.

Polymers for Packaging Applications.

As said earlier, we mainly offer PVC compounds for medical applications.

These compounds are used for the following packaging applications:

Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • Containers

  • Blister Packs

  • Bags

  • Pouches, etc.

Medical Packaging

  • Syringes

  • Blood & Intravenous solution bags

  • Diagnostic Kits

  • Tubings

  • Sheeting’s

  • Trays & others

New developments in the polymers supplied by the company.

Some of the new developments in polymers supplied by our company find uses in the following applications :

  • Radio opaque compounds for catheters to be detected for their positioning inside the body.

  • Non Phthalate – Non DEHP compounds for medical devices requiring superior resistance to extractions (non leaching) by blood lipids and high fat emulsions.

  • Gamma Radiation sterilisable PVC Compounds with minimal color shift.

  • Photolysis resistant compound (due to photo oxidative degradation of the polymer).

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