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Medical Polymers In India: Technological Developments And Growth Pattern

Properties Help In Designing To Meet Medical Application Needs

Mr. Rajiv Arora
President & Business Head
Shriram Axiall Pvt. Ltd.
Gurgaon (Harayana)


.Mr. Rajiv Arora, President & Business Head, Shriram Axiall Pvt. Ltd. is a Graduate in Chemical Engineering from (BITS, Pilani) and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (IIM-Bangalore). He has total experience of 28 years and the Current Co. experience of 11 years.

Worked for companies like Grasim (chemical div) and Ester Industries – instrumental in commissioning compounding plant for PBT, PET & Nylons in India. Later moved to Germany for marketing PET & Engineering Plastics of Ester. Joined DCM SHRIRAM LTD. in December 2002 as Deputy General Manager and Sales & Marketing Head of PVC compound business.

With international exposure, diverse and rich experience, helped the business to set up strong and efficient processes required for profitable and sustainable growth.

Progressed quickly to become the Head Of Operations and later the Deputy Business Head before becoming Vice President & Business Head in May 2011.

Managed the formation of the Joint Venture, between Axiall Corporation and DCM Shriram limited in April 2014 for providing the Indian market place with a variety of new products and applications in the Vinyl space.

Mr. Arora is the now the President of Shriram Axiall Private Limited and reports to Board of Shriram Axiall Private Limited.

The growth of consumption for medical polymers in India.

Medical and healthcare industry is a promising segment and demand is driven by aging population and improvement in healthcare services in developing regions. Indian medical markets have been one of the fastest growing markets and have witnessed around 20% CAGR over the last few years. Availability of medical services and Urbanization has also lead to this sustained growth. India has also been seen as a medical tourism destination because of the availability of good medical care at reasonable costs when compared to the costs in many countries.

Polymers consumption in medical and healthcare segments is growing because of cost benefit the polymers provide when compared with conventional materials. It is this bundle of advantages that the polymers properties provide, which tilts the balance and this conversion has been growing at a very fast rate.

The Polymers properties help in designing the products and fulfilling the major needs of medical applications such as sterilization, bio compatibility and biostability, high tensile and elongation properties and its ability to be clear, radiopaque and pigmented as the need may be.

The specific product areas where polymers being supplied by the company have substituted conventional materials for medical applications.

Polymeric raw materials required by medical and healthcare industries that are available from Shriram Axiall are used for following applications.

  1. Clear Extrusion: Flexible Tubings for IV sets, Blood Bags Sheets & Tubings, Catheter Tubing, Cardio Vascular Tubes etc.

  2. Clear Injection Moulding: Oxygen Mask, Drip Chamber and Connectors.

  3. Rigid PVC: Small Cosmetic Bottles, 5 Gallon Water Bottles, Connectors, Suction Handle & Veterinary Tubes.

  4. X ray Tubes and other components.

Effect of Improving Regulations on the global medical device industry. The regulations and compliance criteria met by Polymers Supplied by The Company.

As the awareness is increasing, availability of information is abundant; Industry is maturing and becoming Global, which also is impacting the required quality standards. The quality required by the customers is continuously being upgraded and that is leading in turn upgrading of quality and operating systems, right to the supplier of raw materials that are being used in the industry.

Shriram Axiall’s grades adhere to Indian Standards as well as biological test prescribed under USP various standards. Shriram Axiall ensures that all the ingredients used in PVC compounds confirm to BIS list ingredients (IS 10151 & IS 14543) suitable for use in food and human contact applications and also to the GMP norms prescribed by FDA. These compounds are manufactured in fully automated and dedicated compounding line with class 1, 00,000 facilities confirming to GMP requirements. Shriram Axiall believes that end product quality depends on the convertors, device manufacturers and raw material suppliers.

Polymers for Packaging Applications.

Shriram Axiall is manufacturing PVC compounds which can be used for shrink film application. Apart from that rigid vinyl films are also being used in pharmaceutical blister packaging, food packaging & specialty thermoforming.

New developments in the polymers supplied by the company.

Shriram Axiall has developed many new PVC compounds for different segments but for medical and healthcare industry company is focusing in Phthalate free compounds for clear extrusion and injection molding applications. Our recent joint venture with Axiall Corporation will make available the entire range of Axiall Corporation’s medical range of products available to the Indian customers. These products have the necessary approvals from the specified agencies and will be manufactured now in India at the facility at Kota. Axiall Corporation is the largest manufacturer of PVC compounds in USA and has interests in Chemicals, PVC compounds, PVC resin, Door and Windows and has a turnover of over USD 5 Bn. / year.

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