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Medical Polymers In India : Technological Developments And Growth Pattern

Diversity And Versatility Help Medical Devices And Implant Manufacturers

Ms. N. J. Sujatha
Marketing Manager
Healthcare and Beautycare India Region
Dow Corning India Private Limited

Ms. Sujatha holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacy with distinction and is a M.B.A. GATE scholar. She has 14+ year MNC experience in Marketing, Business Development and Key Account Management with M/s Biomerieux, M/s Pall Corporation & M/s Pasteur Merieux Connaught and presently she is working as a Marketing Manager with Dow Corning India Private Limited, from January 2014 – Healthcare & Beauty care India & South Asia.

The growth of consumption for medical polymers in India.

The past few decades have brought extensive advances in medical care. New and innovative technologies have helped find unprecedented ways to fight disease. Many of these technologies are the result of a visionary expansion in materials.

The diversity and versatility of Dow Corning® brand and Silastic® brand healthcare silicone elastomers help manufacturers of medical implants and devices around the world create innovative products to address critical medical needs. These silicone elastomers are suitable for a wide variety of medical device applications:

  • Short-term and long-term implanted devices

  • Medical/diagnostic devices and components

  •  Non-implant external devices Dow Corning® brand and Silastic® brand silicone elastomers can help meet your need for quality, reliability and dependable performance:

  • Biocompatible, and FDA food grade compliant

  •  Consistent from batch to batch

  • Available in a broad range of Shore A hardnesses

  • Sterilizable (e.g., autoclave, gamma irradiation)

  • Do not contain organic plasticizers, phthalates or latex additives

  •  Solventless, pigmentable and nonblooming in platinum catalyzed system, with high gas permeability compared to most thermoset elastomers and thermoplastics.

.The specific product areas where polymers being supplied by the company have substituted conventional materials for medical applications.

Dow Corning offers a broad range of uncatalyzed and platinum catalyzed silicones designed for the fabrication of medical devices and device components. Use this selection guide to help you find the suitable material for your application.

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) products are pumpable thermoset silicone elastomers that can be processed by molding equipment. They are ideal for intricate designs and close-tolerance parts. High Consistency Rubber (HCR) products are millable thermoset silicone elastomers that can be extruded continuously to form a desired size and shape before curing, e.g. silicone tubing.

Effect of Improving Regulations on the global medical device industry. The regulations and compliance criteria met by Polymers Supplied by The Company. Meeting quality and regulatory needs.

Our long-term experience in healthcare gives us broad expertise with global regulatory requirements . Depending on your need or application, you can call on our worldwide network of technology centers, our Product Stewardship Organization, as well as our team of Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance specialists. We can provide material from an ISO-certified site or an FDA-registered facility to the appropriate level of GMPs. You can also benefit from our regulatory support that includes Pharmacopeial Certification, Drug Master Files, Material Application Files or Technical Files.

Meeting your safety needs

We are committed to ensuring that our products and services are safe and effective to use.

Silicones are one of the most extensively biotested materials used in the healthcare industry.

All Dow Corning® and Silastic® silicone elastomers for medical device applications are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards in accordance with the practices of Responsible Care® (ISO 14001). Dow Corning has adopted the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care program, which helps manage environmental, health and safety issues that could affect you.

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