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Medical Polymers In India: Technological Developments And Growth Pattern

Outstanding Transparency, Good Processability, Adds Quality and Value

Mr.Masayuki Sakai
Regional Lead, Asia Pacific,
Healthcare & Diagnostics
Styrolution ABS (India) Ltd

The growth of consumption for medical polymers in India

India’s primary competitive advantage over other Asian countries lies in its large pool of highly trained medical professionals and well established pharmaceutical infrastructure. The demand on medical polymers in India is expected to achieve rapid growth due to the booming medical device sector; supported by increasing middle-class population, government initiatives and cost advantage.

The specific product areas where polymers being supplied by the company have substituted conventional materials for medical applications.

Styrenics are marvelous polymers. Its copolymerization capability generates added quality and value, such as high impact strength, outstanding transparency, excellent chemical resistance, low density, balanced performance and good process ability etc. Styrolution’s broad styrenics portfolio which includes Terlux HD (MABS), Novodur HD (ABS), Luran HD (SAN), Styrolux (SBC), Styroflex (S-TPE), Zylar (MBS), NAS (SMMA), GPPS and HIPS has been gaining popularity in the following medical device segments:

• Infusion System: Connectors, Stopcocks, Filters, Spikes etc.
• Flexible Device: Tubing, Bags, Drip Chambers etc.
• Respiratory Device: Inhalers, Nebulizers, Face Masks, Gas Filters etc.
• Cardiovascular: Dialyzer, Oxygenator, Transfusion System etc.

Effect of Improving Regulations on the global medical device industry. The regulations and compliance criteria met by Polymers Supplied by The Company.

USP Class VI and ISO-10993-5. (Additional ISO-10993 parts certification is also available depending on grades.) Besides, our medical grade polymers comply with EUP (European Pharmacopoeia), JP (Japanese harmacopoeia) as well and are registered in DMF (Drug Master File at FDA). Styrolution has been committed to Medical Device Industry for long years. To support this, we offer a special Service Package, including Long term supply, Fixed resin formulation, Enhanced quality control and Global regulatory approval support, which are beyond the benchmark of plastic industry.

Polymers for Packaging Applications.

Medical grade ABS (Novodur HD) is most popular material of choice for DPI (Dry Powder Inhaler). This application has typically strict requirements by the end customers (pharmaceutical companies), such as regulatory coverage (bio-compatibility, FDA), interaction between drug and housing material, security of sustainable supply etc. Styrolution’s Novodur HD fulfills all those requirements and further offers material properties like good balance of stiffness and impact resistance, dimensional stability and high gross surface, environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR), which make Novodur HD the perfect-fit for DPI application.

New developments in the polymers supplied by the company.

Styrolution had been selected to partner a leading medical tubing manufacturer, Microspec in the U.S. for the development of highly flexible multi-lumen tubing which makes it possible to administer different medications from one access point. Styroflex (S-TPE), the solution provided by Styrolution has advantages overother materials typically used in medical industry as it offers better clarity, lower drug absorption, excellent bonding, free plasticizer migration and better process ability. Furthermore, Styrolux (SBC), often blended with Styroflex to adjust the hardness, is being developed by global market leaders as soft segment of drip chamber. With these developments, it will probably not be too long before we see that LL the components in the Infusion System are made by “STYRENICS” solutions – Bag (S-TPE), Spike (ABS), tube (STPE), Drip chamber (SBoC), Roller clamp (ABS / HIPS), 3-way Stopcock (MABS), Filter (SMMA) and IV Catheter (MBS / SBC).

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